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"Spin-one color superconductivity in compact stars?--an analysis within NJL-type models"
D.N. Aguilera
Astrophys. Space. Sci. 308(1-4) (2007) 443-450
We present results of a microscopic calculation using NJL-type model of possible spin-one pairings in two flavor quark matter for applications in compact star phenomenology. We focus on the color-spin locking phase (CSL) in which all quarks pair in a symmetric way, in which color and spin rotations are locked. The CSL condensate is particularly interesting for compact star applications since it is flavor symmetric and could easily satisfy charge neutrality. Moreover, the fact that in this phase all quarks are gapped might help to suppress the direct Urca process, consistent with cooling models. The order of magnitude of these small gaps (~1 MeV) will not influence the EoS, but their also small critical temperatures (Tc ~ 800 keV) could be relevant in the late stages neutron star evolution, when the temperature falls below this value and a CSL quark core could form.
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