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"Phase diagram of neutron star quark matter in nonlocal chiral models"
D. Gómez Dumm, D.B. Blaschke, A.G. Grunfeld, T. Klähn and N.N. Scoccola
Proc. of the "IVth International Conference on Quarks and Nuclear Physics" (QNP 2006), Madrid, Spain, June 5-10, 2006. Ed. A. Dobado Gonzalez, F.J. Llanes-Estrada and V. Vento
Eur. Phys. J. A 31 (2007) 824-827
We analyze the phase diagram of two-flavor quark matter under neutron star constraints for a nonlocal covariant quark model within the mean-field approximation. Applications to cold compact stars are discussed.
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