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"The role of the dopant in the magnetism of Fe-doped SnO2 films"
C.E. Rodríguez Torres, L. Errico, F. Golmar, A.M. Mudarra Navarro, A.F. Cabrera, S. Duhalde, F.H. Sánchez and M. Weissmann
Proc. of the "3rd Joint European Magnetic Symposia" (JEMS 2006), San Sebastián, Spain, June 26-30, 2006. Ed. L. Panina, A. Zhukov, J. González, J. Fassbender, S. Thompson, T. Schrefl, R. Varga and G. Bertotti
J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 316(2) (2007) e219-e222
Transparent pure and Fe-doped SnO2 thin films were grown by pulsed laser deposition technique on LaAlO3 substrates. X-ray diffraction shows that the films are polycrystalline and have the rutile structure. Surprisingly, the pure film presents magnetic-like behavior at room temperature with a saturated magnetization of almost one-third of the doped film (~3.6 and 11.3 emu/g, respectively) and its magnetization could not be attributed to any impurity phase. Taking into account the magnetic moment measured in the pure film, the effective contribution of the impurity in the doped one can be inferred to be ~2 μB per Fe atom. A large magnetic moment was also predicted by an ab initio calculation in the doped system, which increases if an oxygen vacancy is present near the Fe impurity.
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