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"Nuclear Data Sheets for A = 191"
V.R. Vanin, N.L. Maidana, R.M. Castro, E. Achterberg, O.A. Capurro and G.V. Martí
Nucl. Data Sheets 108(11) (2007) 2393-2588
The present revision of the nuclear structure properties for the nuclides belonging to the A = 191 mass chain contains many improvements, corrections and additions to the material presented in previous evaluations (1995Br38, Nucl. Data Sheets 74, 611 (1995)). Besides updating many values, and including supplementary data for already known levels, transitions and level schemes, the most noteworthy modifications with respect to the prior evaluation are the first significant level schemes for 191Pb, 191Bi, and 191Po, showing many levels and transitions, mostly derived from (HI,xnγ) work. The first reports for 191At and 191W and the observation of linking transitions from superdeformed levels to normal deformed levels in 191Hg were also included. Most of decay data sets contain many discrepant data; in some cases, normalization is tentative.
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