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"Magnetic phase diagram of La0.225Pr0.40Ca0.375MnO3 manganite"
F. Parisi and L. Ghivelder
Proc. of the Workshop "At the Frontiers of Condensed Matter III - New Trends in Structural, Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Matter", Centro Atómico Constituyentes-CNEA, Buenos Aires, Argentina, December 11-15, 2006. Ed. J. Guevara, A.M. Llois, G. Lozano and R. Weht
Physica B Condens. Matter. 398(2) (2007) 184-186
Magnetization measurements in La0.225Pr0.40Ca0.375MnO3 allowed us to construct an H-T phase diagram of this prototype phase-separated manganite. Magnetic relaxation results clearly demonstrate the dynamic nature of the phase-separated state. Our results showed the existence of large relaxation effects, and the relative fraction of the coexisting phases rapidly changes as a function of time. Through a thermodynamic phenomenological model, it is possible to interpret the experimental results, both static and dynamic, of the phase-separated system. The phase diagram resulting from this model is presented, including the static and dynamic properties characteristics of the phase-separated state in manganites.
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