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"Ab initio electronic structure calculations for Mn linear chains deposited on CuN/Cu(001) surfaces"
M.A. Barral, R. Weht, G. Lozano and A.M. Llois
Proc. of the Workshop "At the Frontiers of Condensed Matter III - New Trends in Structural, Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Matter", Centro Atómico Constituyentes-CNEA, Buenos Aires, Argentina, December 11-15, 2006. Ed. J. Guevara, A.M. Llois, G. Lozano and R. Weht
Physica B Condens. Matter. 398(2) (2007) 369-371
In a recent experiment, scanning tunneling microscopy has been used to obtain a direct probe of the magnetic interaction in linear manganese chains arranged by atomic manipulation on thin insulating copper nitride islands grown on Cu(001). The local spin excitation spectra of these chains have been measured with inelastic electron tunneling spectroscopy. Analyzing the spectroscopic results with a Heisenberg Hamiltonian the interatomic coupling strength within the chains has been obtained. It has been found that the coupling strength depends on the deposition sites of the Mn atoms on the islands. In this contribution, we perform ab initio calculations for different arrangements of infinite Mn chains on CuN in order to understand the influence of the environment on the value of the magnetic interactions.
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