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"Elastic scattering and total reaction cross section for the 6He+27Al system"
E.A. Benjamim, A. Lépine-Szily, D.R. Mendes Junior, R. Lichtenthäler, V. Guimarães, P.R.S. Gomes, L.C. Chamon, M.S. Hussein, A.M. Moro, A. Arazi, I. Padron, J. Alcantara Nuñez, M. Assunção, A. Barioni, O. Camargo, Jr., R.Z. Denke, P.N. de Faria and K.C.C. Pires
Phys. Lett. B 647(1) (2007) 30-35
The elastic scattering of the radioactive halo nucleus 6He on 27Al target was measured at four energies close to the Coulomb barrier using the RIBRAS (Radioactive Ion Beams in Brazil) facility. The São Paulo Potential (SPP) was used and its diffuseness and imaginary strength were adjusted to fit the elastic scattering angular distributions. Reaction cross-sections were extracted from the optical model fits. The reduced reaction cross-sections of 6He on 27Al are similar to those for stable, weakly bound projectiles as 6,7Li, 9Be and larger than stable, tightly bound projectile as 16O on 27Al.
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