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"Observation of phonon-induced magnetic deflagration in manganites"
F. Macià, A. Hernández-Mínguez, G. Abril, J.M. Hernandez, A. García-Santiago, J. Tejada, F. Parisi and P.V. Santos
Phys. Rev. B 76(17) (2007) 174424/1-8
Very fast magnetic avalanches in (La,Pr)-based manganites are the signature of a phase transition from an insulating blocked charge-ordered antiferromagnetic state to a charge-delocalized ferromagnetic (CD-FM) state. We report here the experimental observation that this transition does not occur either simultaneously or randomly in the whole sample but there is instead a spatial propagation with a velocity of the order of tens of m/s. Our results show that avalanches originate from the inside of the sample, move to the outside, and occur at values of the applied magnetic field that depend on the CD-FM fraction in the sample. Moreover, upon application of surface acoustic waves at constant magnetic fields, we are able to trigger avalanches at very well-determined values of the temperature and magnetic field. Due to the interaction with the acoustic waves, the number of isolated ferromagnetic clusters in La0.225Pr0.40Ca0.375MnO3 starts to grow across the entire sample in the same way as if it were a magnetic deflagration.
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