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E. Freire and R. Baggio
Acta Cryst. C 64(4) (2008) m164-m166
The present form of barium acetate, formulated as [Ba(C2H3O2)2(H2O)3]n, is the largest reported hydrate of the salt and this leads to a distinct structural behaviour setting it apart from the rest of the family. The compound is a linear polymer with a nine-coordinate Ba(Oaqua)3(Oacetate)6 monomer unit. The non-H part of the structure is ordered according to C2/m symmetry, while the disordered water H atoms only abide by this symmetry in a statistical sense. Each molecule is halved by a mirror plane bisecting the Ba centre, one water molecule and one acetate ligand, while containing the other acetate ligand. The chains are interconnected by a disordered water-water/acetate O–HO hydrogen-bonding network involving all water H atoms. The structure and stability of this phase are compared with the other known acetates of barium which differ in the degree of hydration.
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