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"The scar mechanism revisited"
F. Borondo, D.A. Wisniacki, E. Vergini and R.M. Benito
European Physical Journal Special Topics 165(1) (2008) 93-101
Unstable periodic orbits are known to originate scars on some eigen-functions of classically chaotic systems through recurrences causing that some part of an initial distribution of quantum probability in its vicinity returns periodically close to the initial point. In the energy domain, these recurrences are seen to accumulate quantum density along the orbit by a constructive interference mechanism when the appropriate quantization (on the action of the scarring orbit) is fulfilled. Other quantized phase space circuits, such as those defined by homoclinic tori, are also important in the coherent transport of quantum density in chaotic systems. The relationship of this secondary quantum transport mechanism with the standard mechanism for scarring is here discussed and analyzed.
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