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"Solar Array Qualification Models for Aquarius/SAC-D Satellite Mission"
M. Alurralde, M. Barrera, C.G. Bolzi, C.J. Bruno, P. Cabot, E. Carella, J. Di Santo, J.C. Duran, J. Fernández Vázquez, A. Filevich, C.D. Franciulli, E.M. Godfrin, V. Goldbeck, A. Iglesias, M. Martínez Bogado, E. Mezzabolta, A. Moglioni, C. Nigri, S.L. Nigro, J. Plá, I. Prario, M.C. Raffo Calderón, S.E. Rodríguez, H. Socolovsky and M.J.L. Tamasi
Proc. of the "23rd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition" (EU PVSEC 2008), Feria Valencia Convention and Exhibition Centre, Valencia, Spain, September 1-5, 2008.
23rd EU PVSEC Proceedings (2008) 785-789
ISBN: 3-936338-24-8
The development and testing of two solar array qualification models for the Aquarius/SAC-D satellite mission are presented. These activities are done within the frame of a cooperation agreement between the Argentine National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA) and the Argentine National Commission for Space Activities (CONAE). SAC-D satellite, a joint mission between CONAE and the United States space agency (NASA), is schedule for launching in May 2010. Two qualification models based on ATJ Emcore solar cells were integrated for SAC-D mission: one called EM#3 (Engineering Model #3, of 900 mm × 570 mm), and the EQM (Engineering Qualification Model, of actual wing dimensions, 2338 mm × 2154 mm). The design, simulation, fabrication and characterization of both models are presented. The development, integration and characterization of the coarse solar sensors are also shown. Finally, results of tests performed on the solar arrays are reported.
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