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"The novel ligand 4′-phenyl-3,2′:6′,3″-terpyridine (L) and the supramolecular structure of the dinuclear complex [Zn2(μ-L)(acac)4]·H2O (acac = acetylacetonato)"
J. Granifo, M. Vargas, M.T. Garland, A. Ibáñez, R. Gaviño and R. Baggio
Inorg. Chem. Comm. 11(11) (2008) 1388-1391
The new terpyridyl ligand 4′-phenyl-3,2′:6′,3″-terpyridine (L) reacts with Zn(acac)2 to produce the dizinc complex [Zn2(μ-L)(acac)4] · H2O (1) (acac = acetylacetonato). The analysis of the crystal structure of this zero-dimensional (0D) complex shows the existence of two Zn(acac)2 centers bridged symmetrically by one μ-L ligand. The key role played by the acac and L ligands and the guest water molecule allows the generation of a series of intermolecular hydrogen bonds of the O–H/O, C–H/O and C–H/π type which give raise to a 3D supramolecular array. The observed C–H/π interactions are so widespread that all the π-rings present in the structure, viz., those belonging to the L ligand as well as the acetylacetonato chelate rings, participate as hydrogen bond acceptors.
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