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"Effect of disorder on the temperature dependence of the resistivity of SrRuO3"
G. Herranz, V. Laukhin, F. Sánchez, P. Levy, C. Ferrater, M.V. García-Cuenca, M. Varela and J. Fontcuberta
Phys. Rev. B 77(16) (2008) 165114/1-5
We have investigated the effect of structural disorder on the temperature dependence of the resistivity ρ(T) of epitaxial SrRuO3 films. Distinctive effects of disorder are seen at low and high temperatures. For temperatures well below the ferromagnetic transition and above the region where quantum effects set in, the observed nonlinear ρ(T) can be interpreted within a two-fluid electronic model in which a fraction of electronic states are delocalized and the remaining fraction correspond to carriers trapped in localized states induced by disorder. On the other hand, at temperatures above the ferromagnetic transition, the temperature dependence is linear, but remarkably it is found that the slope of ρ(T) increases as disorder increases. This latter result is radically dissimilar to what is observed in other complex electronic systems, where disorder commonly induces a reduction of the slope.
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