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"Amorphous carbon multilayered films studied by molecular dynamics simulations"
E.B. Halac, E. Burgos and M. Reinoso
Phys. Rev. B 77(22) (2008) 224101/1-7
Amorphous carbon multilayered films have been studied by molecular dynamic simulations. Samples were grown on diamond and silicon substrates, alternating deposition energies of 1 and 40 eV; atomic interactions were described by the semiemperical Tersoff potential. Structural analysis of the obtained films shows that the film density and sp3/sp2 ratio oscillate with deposition energy. The alternation of layers with different local atomic stresses is also observed. High density sp3-rich profiles and compressive stress are associated with high deposition energy regions, whereas low density sp3 poor profiles and tensile stress are associated with low deposition energy ones. The grown films are thermally stable in the bulk under simulated annealing at 2500 K; appreciable changes, similar to those observed in monolayer films, occur mainly on the last superficial layer.
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