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"Simplifying strong electronic correlations in uranium: Localized uranium heavy-fermion UM2Zn20 (M=Co,Rh) compounds"
E.D. Bauer, C. Wang, V.R. Fanelli, J.M. Lawrence, E.A. Goremychkin, N.R. de Souza, F. Ronning, J.D. Thompson, A.V. Silhanick, V. Vildosola, A.M. Lobos, A.A. Aligia, S. Bovev and J.L. Sarrao
Phys. Rev. B 78(11) (2008) 115120/1-5
The physical properties including magnetic susceptibility, magnetization, specific heat, and dynamic susceptibility χ″(E) are reported for single crystals of the cubic UM2Zn20 (M=Co,Rh) materials. Maxima in the thermodynamic data at Tmax ~ 10 K for both compounds and a broad peak in χ″(E) at 5 K in UCo2Zn20 of width Γ=5 meV indicate a heavy-fermion state characterized by a Kondo temperature TK ~ 20-30 K arising from weak hybridization of f- and conduction-electron states. Anderson impurity model fits to the data in the Kondo limit including crystalline electric-field effects corroborate an ionic-like uranium electronic configuration in UM2Zn20.
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