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"Understanding and characterizing nestedness in mutualistic bipartite networks"
E. Burgos, H. Ceva, L. Hernández and R.P.J. Perazzo
Proc. of the "Conference on Computational Physics 2008" (CCP 2008), Ouro Preto, Brazil, August 5-9, 2008. Ed. J.A. Plascak
Comput. Phys. Commun. 180(4) (2009) 532-535
In this work we present a dynamical model that successfully describes the organization of mutualistic ecological systems. The main characteristic of these systems is the nested structure of the bipartite adjacency matrix describing their interactions. We introduce a nestedness coefficient, as an alternative to the Atmar and Patterson temperature, commonly used to measure the nestedness degree of the network. This coefficient has the advantage of being based on the robustness of the ecological system and it is not only describing the ordering of the bipartite matrix but it is also able to tell the difference, if any, between the degree of organization of each guild.
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