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"[Cu(H2btec)(bipy)]: Novel Metal Organic Framework (MOF) as Heterogeneous Catalyst for the Oxidation of Olefins"
K. Brown, S. Zolezzi, P. Aguirre, D. Venegas-Yazigi, V. Paredes-García, R. Baggio, M.A. Novak and E. Spodine
Dalton Trans. 8 (2009) 1422-1427
A new extended metal-organic framework [Cu(H2btec)(bipy)] (1) (H4btec= 1,2,4,5-benzenetetracarboxylic acid; bipy= 2,2′-bipyridine) has been hydrothermally synthesized. Violet crystals are formed in a monoclinic system with a space group C2/c; a = 10.1810(18) Å, b = 14.4360(18) Å, c= 12.894(3) Å, β= 112.94(3)°. In the title compound 1 each Cu(II) centre has a distorted square planar environment, completed by two N atoms from one bipy ligand and two O atoms belonging to two dihydrogen benzene-1,2,4,5-tetracarboxylate anions (H2btec2-). The {Cu(bipy)}2+ moieties are bridged by H2btec2- anions to form an infinite one-dimensional coordination polymer with a zig-zag chain structure along the c axis. A double-chain structure is formed by hydrogen bonds between adjacent zig-zag chains. There are also ππ stacking interactions between the bipy ligands, with an average distance of 3.62 Å resulting in a two-dimensional network structure. Compound 1 was tested as a catalyst for the oxidation of cyclohexene and styrene, with tert-butyl hydroperoxide (TBHP) as oxidant. The catalytic activity (24 h and 75 °C) found for [Cu(H2btec)(bipy)] shows a high value for the conversion of cyclohexene (64.5%), and a lower one for styrene (23.7%). High turnover frequency (TOF) values for the epoxide products were observed, indicating that the catalyst synthesized in this work, not only has a high activity and selectivity for epoxidation reactions but is also very efficient.
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