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"Photovoltaics Sensors for Aquarius/SAD-D Satellite Mission: Development and Environmental Tests"
M.J.L. Tamasi, M.G. Martínez Bogado, C.G. Bolzi, C.J. Bruno, I. Prario, M. Alurralde and A. Filevich
Proc. of the "24th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference" (EU PVSEC 2009), Hamburg, Germany, September 21-25, 2009.
24th EU PVSEC Proceedings (2009) 700-703
The electrical power is one of the key resources of the space systems. The photovoltaic solar generators have been and seem to continue being the best option as power source for satellites of low and geostationary orbits. In order to orient the panels to the sun, coarse sun sensors are used as part of the attitude control system . In this work the complete integration and qualification tests is presented. Electrical and electronic characterization through I-V curve, spectral response measurement and determination of the effective lifetime of the minority carriers using modified OCVD technique were carried out. These characterizations were before and after radiation damage using 10 Mev protons at normal incidence and a fluence around 1011 p/cm2. The environmental test is carried out in the engineering qualification model of SAC-D solar panel.
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