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"Superfluid Thomas-Fermi Approximation for Trapped Fermi Gases"
E.S. Hernandez, P. Capuzzi and L. Szybisz
Proc. of the "25th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics" (LT25), Amsterdam, The Netherlands, August 6-13, 2008.
J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 150, Part 3 (2009) 032028/1-4
We present a generalization of fermionic fluiddynamics to the case of two trapped fermion species with a contact interaction. Within a mean field approximation, we derive coupled equations of motion for the particle densities, particle currents, and anomalous pair density. For an inhomogeneous system, the equilibrium situation with vanishing currents is described by a generalized Thomas-Fermi relation that includes the superfluid gap, together with a new nonlocal gap equation that replaces the usual BCS one. These equations are numericaly solved resorting to a local density approximation (LDA). Density and gap profiles are analyzed in terms of the scattering length, revealing that the current frame can exhibit microscopic details of quantum origin that are frequently absent in more macroscopic scenarios.
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