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"Vibrational modes of rare-earth formates"
E.N. Silva, M.R. Moura, A.P. Ayala, I. Guedes, G. Polla, D.R. Vega, D. Tobia and M.E. Saleta
J. Raman. Spectrosc. 40(8) (2009) 954-957
In this work we investigate the room-temperature Raman spectra of several rare-earth [RE(HCOO)3; RE = La, Pr, Nd, Gd, Tb and Y] formates. Polarized measurements were carried out for La(HCOO)3 yielding the observation of most of the Raman-active phonons predicted by group theory analysis. The respective assignment is given based on the formate vibrations and correlations with previous results in other RE(HCOO)3 systems. The wavenumber .softening. observed when RE goes from Y to La is accounted for the lattice expansion.
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