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"Thermal and physical properties of Al-Ni-Ru-M alloys"
H.O. Mosca, G. Bozzolo and M.F. del Grosso
Mat. Sci. Eng. B-Solid 162(2) (2009) 99-105
The equilibrium volume, compressibility, and coefficient of thermal expansion of B2-based Al-Ni-Ru-M alloys (M = B, Si, Ti, Sc, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Cu, Zn, Nb, Mo, Tc, Rh, Pd, Zr, Ag, Ta, Hf, W, Re, Os, Ir, Pt, and Au) are determined as a function of concentration of the additive M. Details of the phase structure and determination of these properties are obtained from large-scale simulated annealing of the quaternary alloys using the Bozzolo-Ferrante-Smith method for alloys for the calculation of the energy.
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