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"Correlation between asymmetric profiles in slits and standard prewetting lines"
Salvador A. Sartarelli and Leszek Szybisz
Papers in Physics 1 (2009) 010001/1-9
The adsorption of Ar on substrates of Li is investigated within the framework of a density functional theory which includes an effective pair potential recently proposed. This approach yields good results for the surface tension of the liquid-vapor interface. The behavior of the adsorbate in the cases of a single planar wall and a slit geometry is analyzed as a function of temperature. Asymmetric density profiles are found for fluid confined in a slit built up of two identical planar walls leading to the spontaneous symmetry breaking (SSB) effect. We found that the asymmetric solutions occur even above the wetting temperature Tw in a range of average densities ρ*ssb1 ≤ ρ*av ≤ ρ*ssb2, which diminishes with increasing temperatures until its disappearance at the critical prewetting point Tcpw. In this way a correlation between the disappearance of the SSB effect and the end of prewetting lines observed in the adsorption on a one-wall planar substrate is established. In addition, it is shown that a value for Tcpw can be precisely determined by analyzing the asymmetry coefficients.
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