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"Bulk modulus of amorphous carbon and silicon-carbon multilayered films grown by molecular dynamics simulations"
E.B. Halac and E. Burgos
Phys. Rev. B 80(4) (2009) 045426/1-6
Carbon and silicon-carbon amorphous multilayered films have been studied by molecular dynamics simulating the experimental growth by ion beam deposition techniques. Atomic interactions were described using the semiempirical Tersoff potential. Pure C films were grown with alternated deposition energies of 1 and 40 eV. Each mixed Si-C film was grown at single deposition energy (1 or 40 eV). For pure amorphous carbon films density, average atomic coordination, local atomic stress, and bulk modulus oscillate with deposition energy. It is found that the bulk moduli of whole samples are similar to those of high-density layers and clearly higher than the average values taken on all individual layers. For mixed Si-C multilayered films the bulk moduli of the whole samples are only lightly higher than the average values over individual layers of the different materials. A very low stress value is calculated to be present in Si layers. Thermal annealing of the films produces an average coordination and bulk modulus decrease, while density remains practically unchanged.
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