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"Quark mass and isospin dependence of the deconfining critical temperature"
E.S. Fraga, L.F. Palhares and C. Villavicencio
Phys. Rev. D 79(1) (2009) 014021/1-6
We describe the deconfining critical temperature dependence on the pion mass and on the isospin chemical potential in remarkably good agreement with lattice data. Our framework incorporates explicit dependence on quark masses, isospin and baryonic chemical potentials for the case of two flavors through ingredients from well-known high- and low-energy theories. In the low-energy sector, the system is described by a minimal chiral perturbation theory effective action, corresponding to a hot gas of pion quasiparticles and heavy nucleons. For the high-temperature sector we adopt a simple extension of the fuzzy bag model. We also briefly discuss the effects of mass asymmetry and baryon chemical potential.
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