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"Quantum chaotic resonances from short periodic orbits"
M. Novaes, J.M. Pedrosa, D.A. Wisniacki, G.G. Carlo and J.P. Keating
Phys. Rev. E 80(3): Rapid Comm. (2009) 035202(R)/1-4
We present an approach to calculating the quantum resonances and resonance wave functions of chaotic scattering systems, based on the construction of states localized on classical periodic orbits and adapted to the dynamics. Typically only a few such states are necessary for constructing a resonance. Using only short orbits (with periods up to the Ehrenfest time), we obtain approximations to the longest-living states, avoiding computation of the background of short living states. This makes our approach considerably more efficient than previous ones. The number of long-lived states produced within our formulation is in agreement with the fractal Weyl law conjectured recently in this setting. We confirm the accuracy of the approximations using the open quantum baker map as an example.
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