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"Adsorption of Ar on planar surfaces studied with a density functional theory"
S.A. Sartarelli and L. Szybisz
Phys. Rev. E 80(5) (2009) 052602/1-4
The adsorption of Ar on planar structureless substrates of alkali metals, alkaline-earth metal Mg, CO2, and Au was analyzed by applying a density functional formalism which includes a recently proposed effective attractive pair potential conditioned to Ar. It is shown that this approach reproduces the experimental surface tension of the liquid-vapor interface over the entire bulk coexistence curve for temperatures T spanning from the triple point Tt up to the critical point Tc. The wetting properties were studied over the entire range temperatures Tt-Tc. It was found that Ar wets all the investigated surfaces. The adsorption isotherms for alkali metals exhibit first-order phase transitions. Prewetting lines were resolved even for the less attractive surfaces. In the cases of Mg, CO2, and Au a continuous growth for T ≥ Tt was obtained. A comparison with experimental data and other microscopic calculations is reported.
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