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"Effects of High-Energy Ion Irradiation on the Conduction Characteristics of HfO2-based MOSFET Devices"
F. Palumbo, E. Miranda, K. Cherkaoui, P.K. Hurley and M.A. Negara
Proc. of the "25th Symposium on Microelectronics Technology and Devices" (SBMicro 2010), São Paulo, Brazil, September 6-9, 2010. Ed. M. Pavanello, C. Claeys and J. Martino
ECS Trans. 31(1) (2010) 327-332
MOSFET devices with HfO2 gate oxides were irradiated with high-energy (120 MeV) Au ions. It was observed that the irradiation can cause both little or severe damage to the structures under test. We associate these effects with the soft and hard breakdown failure modes occurring in ultra-thin oxides. In both cases there is a large increment of the transistor off current. If the damage is not catastrophic a decrease of the transconductance and drain current characteristics can also be detected. This indicates that the transistor is still operational but with worst performance parameters.
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