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acta de conferencia
"Characterization of corrosion products of a carbon steel screw-nut set exposed to mountain weather conditions"
C.P. Ramos, G. Duffó, S. Farina, M. Lauretta and C. Saragovi
Proc. of the "11th Latin American Conference on the Applications of the Mössbauer Effect" (LACAME 2008), La Plata, Argentina, November 9-14, 2008.
Hyperfine. Interact. 195(1-3) (2010) 117-126
In this work we present the results obtained by means of Mössbauer Spectroscopy to determine and characterize different corrosion products coming from a carbon steel screw-nut set exposed to mountain weather conditions for more than 70 years, in Las Cuevas (Mendoza-Argentina). Measurements at room temperature and 15 K were performed, detecting a great quantity of goethite but also lepidocrocite, hematite, magnetite and maghemite. This study was complemented by material characterization in terms of chemical composition, microscopic observation and X-ray diffraction analysis.
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