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Inicio » Actividades I+D > Publicaciones 2010 > Heavy quark skyrmions
capítulo de libro
"Heavy quark skyrmions"
N.N. Scoccola
Capítulo 4 (invitado) del libro "The Multifaceted Skyrmion", Eds. G.E. Brown and M. Rho, World Scientific, Singapore (2010), 460 pp
ISBN: 978-981-4280-69-3 (hardcover)
978-981-4467-16-2 (eBook)
The description of the heavy baryons as heavy-meson–soliton bound systems is reviewed. We outline how such bound systems arise from effective lagrangians that respect both chiral symmetry and heavy quark symmetry. Effects due to finite heavy quark masses are also discussed, and the resulting heavy baryon spectra are compared with existing quark model and empirical results. Finally, we address some issues related to a possible connection between the usual bound state approach to strange hyperons and that for heavier baryons.
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