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"Fast timing: Lifetime measurements with LaBr3"
I. Deloncle, B. Roussière, M.A. Cardona, D. Hojman, J. Kiener, P. Petkov, D. Tonev and Ts. Venkova
Proc. of the "XVIII International School on Nuclear Physics, Neutron Physics and Applications" (VARNA 2009), Varna, Bulgaria, September 21-27, 2009. Ed. C. Stoyanov and N. Janeva
J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 205(1) (2010) 012044/1-7
In order to perform half-life measurements at Alto, we developed a fast-timing setup using fast scintillators: LaBr3. The main components of our setup and their characteristics (timing properties) are presented. The resulting time resolution, obtained after optimization, and measured off-line with radioactive sources is discussed. This set-up was tested on-line by measuring using the slope method half-lives of 137-139Cs levels fed by the β- decay of 137-139Xe. The neutron-rich Xe nuclei were produced by 238U photofission using, at low intensity, the electron beam and the line of the future facility ALTO. Our results show the ability of such a fast-timing system to measure half-lives lower than the total time resolution. Off-line and on-line results are discussed.
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