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"Kondo behavior of anisotropic single atomic spins on a Cu2N molecular layer"
M.A. Barral, P. Roura Bas, A.M. Llois and A.A. Aligia
Phys. Rev. B 82(12) (2010) 125438/1-4
Fitting ab initio total energies, obtained within the generalized gradient approximation with spin-orbit coupling and a correction that includes Coulomb repulsion, we calculate the anisotropy parameters D and E of an effective spin model that describes 3d magnetic impurities separated from the Cu(100) surface by a monolayer of Cu2N. Assuming a general exchange interaction between conduction and 3d electrons we construct an effective Kondo model which depends on D and E. We discuss the specific cases for Mn, Fe, and Co impurities.
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