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"Matrix elements for the ground-state to ground-state 2νβ-β- decay of Te isotopes in a hybrid model"
D.R. Bes and O. Civitarese
Phys. Rev. C 81(1) (2010) 014315/1-12
Theoretical matrix elements, for the ground-state to ground-state two-neutrino double-β-decay mode (2νβ-β-gs  gs) of 128,130Te isotopes, are calculated within a formalism that describes interactions between neutrons in a superfluid phase and protons in a normal phase. The elementary degrees of freedom of the model are proton-pair modes and pairs of protons and quasineutrons. The calculation is basically a parameter-free one, because all relevant parameters are fixed from the phenomenology. A comparison with the available experimental data is presented.
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