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"Fusion hindrance for 27Al + 45Sc and other systems with a positive Q value"
C.L. Jiang, K.E. Rehm, H. Esbensen, B.B. Back, R.V.F. Janssens, P. Collon, C.M. Deibel, B. DiGiovine, J.M. Figueira, J.P. Greene, D.J. Henderson, H.Y. Lee, M. Notani, S.T. Marley, R.C. Pardo, N. Patel, D. Seweryniak, X.D. Tang, C. Ugalde and S. Zhu
Phys. Rev. C 81(2) (2010) 024611/1-7
Fusion evaporation cross sections for the 27Al+45Sc (Q=9.63 MeV) system are measured down to about 300 nb. Deviations from standard coupled-channels calculations were observed in this system at the lowest energies. The steep fall-off of the fusion cross sections can be reproduced by calculations using a shallow potential model, which was originally developed to explain the hindrance behavior of heavy-ion fusion in medium-mass systems with negative Q values. Comparisons of the hindrance behavior between the present experiment and other systems, for example, 28Si+30Si (Q=14.3 MeV) and 36S+48Ca (Q=7.55 MeV) are presented.
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