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"α-particle production in 6He+120Sn collisions"
P.N. de Faria, R. Lichtenthäler, K.C.C. Pires, A.M. Moro, A. Lépine-Szily, V. Guimarães, D.R. Mendes, Jr., A. Arazi, A. Barioni, V. Morcelle and M.C. Morais
Phys. Rev. C 82(3) (2010) 034602/1-6
The collision 6He+120Sn has been investigated at four energies near the Coulomb barrier. A large yield of α particles has been detected, with energies around the energy of the scattered 6He beam. The energy and angular distributions of the α particles have been analyzed and compared with breakup and neutron transfer calculations.
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