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"Relatively robust classical structures in dissipative quantum chaotic systems"
L.A. Raviola, G.G. Carlo and A.M.F. Rivas
Phys. Rev. E 81(4) (2010) 047201/1-4
We study the stability of classical structures in chaotic systems when a dissipative quantum evolution takes place. We consider a paradigmatic model, the quantum baker map in contact with a heat bath at finite temperature. We analyze the behavior of the purity, fidelity and Husimi distributions corresponding to initial states localized on short periodic orbits (scar functions) and map eigenstates. Scar functions, that have a fundamental role in the semiclassical description of chaotic systems, emerge as robust relative to other states (which are localized on classical structures) against environmental perturbations. Also, purity and fidelity show a complementary behavior as decoherence measures.
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