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M.A. Harvey, S.A. Suarez, A. Ibañez, F. Doctorovich and R. Baggio
Acta Cryst. E 68(11) (2012) m1377-1378
The molecular structure of the title compound, [Zn(CH3COO)2(C12H12N2)], consists of isolated molecules bisected by a twofold rotation axis which goes through the ZnII cation and halves the organic base through the central C-C bond. The ZnII ion is coordinated by two N atoms from one molecule of the aromatic base and four O atoms from two bidentate, symmetry-related acetate anions, which coordinate asymmetrically [Zn-O distances of 2.058 (2) and 2.362 (3) Å], while the two Zn-N bond distances are equal as imposed by symmetry [2.079 (2) Å]. The crystal structure is supported by a number of weak C–HO interactions and C–Hπ contacts, with no ππ interactions present, mainly hindered by the substituent methyl groups and the relative molecular orientation. The result is a three-dimensional structure in which each molecule is linked to eight different neighbors.
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