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"Highly Ordered, Accessible and Nanocrystalline Mesoporous TiO2 Thin Films on Transparent Conductive Substrates"
I. Violi, M.D. Perez, C. Fuertes and G.J.A.A. Soler-Illia
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 4(8) (2012) 4320-4330
Highly porous (Vmesopore = 25-50%) and ordered mesoporous titania thin films (MTTF) were prepared on ITO (indium tin oxide)-covered glass by a fast two-step method. The effects of substrate surface modification and thermal treatment on pore order, accessibility and crystallinity of the MTTF were systematically studied for MTTF deposited onto bare and titania-modified ITO. MTTF exposed briefly to 550 °C resulted in highly ordered films with grid-like structures, enlarged pore size, and increased accessible pore volume when prepared onto the modified ITO substrate. Mesostructure collapse and no significant change in pore volume were observed for MTTF deposited on bare ITO substrates. Highly crystalline anatase was obtained for MTTF prepared on the modified-ITO treated at high temperatures, establishing the relationship between grid-like structures and titania crystallization. Photocatalytic activity was maximized for samples with increased crystallization and high accessible pore volume. In this manner, a simple way of designing materials with optimized characteristics for optoelectronic applications was achieved through the modification of the ITO surface and a controlled thermal treatment.
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