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"Band structures and shape coexistence in 187Pt"
D. Hojman, M.A. Cardona, B. Roussière, J. Sauvage, M.A. Riley, S.L. Tabor, C.R. Hoffman, A. Aguilar, W.T. Cluff, T. Hinners, K. Lagergren, S. Lee, M. Perry, A. Pipidis and V. Tripathi
Eur. Phys. J. A 48 (2012) 83/1-13
High-spin states in 187Pt have been studied by means of γ-ray spectroscopy techniques. Known bands have been significantly extended and new bands have been found. The band structures are discussed in the framework of the cranking model and negative-parity states are compared with calculations performed with a semi-microscopic axial-rotor plus one-quasiparticle coupling model. Shape coexistence is observed from low excitation energy.
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