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"Formation and Characterization of Filamentary Current Paths in HfO2-Based Resistive Switching Structures"
F. Palumbo, E. Miranda, G. Ghibaudo and V. Jousseaume
IEEE Elec. Dev. Lett. 33(7) (2012) 1057-1059
In this letter, the progressive nature of the forming process step in HfO2-based resistive switching structures is investigated. Contrary to what happens with ramped or pulsed voltage stresses, current-driven degradation experiments shed light on the formation dynamics of the filamentary path across the oxide layer. The resulting voltage-current characteristics are interpreted in terms of electron transport through a mesoscopic constriction with adiabatic shape. The voltage decrease during the forming process is ascribed to a relaxation of the electron wavefunction confinement effect. The role of the compliance level on the leakage current magnitude is also discussed within this framework.
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