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capítulo de libro
"Accelerator-Based BNCT"
A.J. Kreiner
Capítulo 3 del libro "Neutron Capture Therapy: Principles and Applications", Eds. W.A.G. Sauerwein, A. Wittig, R. Moss and Y. Nakagawa, Springer-Verlag (2012)
ISBN: 978-3-642-31333-2 (hardcover)
978-3-642-31334-9 (eBook)
Neutron capture therapy (NCT) is based on the ability of the non-radioactive isotope boron-10 to capture thermal neutrons with very high probability and immediately to release heavy particles with a path length of one cell diameter. This in principle allows for tumor cell-selective high-LET particle radiotherapy. NCT is exciting scientifically but challenging clinically, and a key factor in success is close collaboration among very different disciplines. This book provides a comprehensive summary of the progress made in NCT in recent years. Individual sections cover all important aspects, including neutron sources, boron chemistry, drugs for NCT, dosimetry, and radiation biology. The use of NCT in a variety of malignancies and also some non-malignant diseases is extensively discussed. NCT is clearly shown to be a promising modality at the threshold of wider clinical application. All of the chapters are written by experienced specialists in language that will be readily understood by all participating disciplines.
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