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"Optimization of resistive switching performance of metal-manganite oxide interfaces by a multipulse protocol"
N. Ghenzi, M.J. Sánchez, M.J. Rozenberg, P. Stoliar, F.G. Marlasca, D. Rubi and P. Levy
J. Appl. Phys. 111(8) (2012) 084512/1-5
We explore different resistance states of La0.325Pr0.300Ca0.375MnO3-Ti interfaces as prototypes of non-volatile memory devices at room temperature. In addition to high and low resistance states accessible through bipolar pulsing with one pulse, higher resistance states can be obtained by repeatedly pulsing with a single polarity. The accumulative action of successive pulsing drives the resistance towards saturation, the time constant being a strong function of the pulsing amplitude. The experiments reveal that the pulsing amplitude and the number of applied pulses necessary to reach a target high resistance value appear to be in an exponential relationship, with a rate that results independent of the resistance value. Model simulations confirm these results and provide the oxygen vacancy profiles associated to the high resistance states obtained in the experiments.
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