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"Magnetic reorientation and thermal stability in MnAs/GaAs (100) micro patterns driven by size effects"
M. Tortarolo, F. Fernandez Baldis, M. Sirena, L.B. Steren, J. Milano, V.H. Etgens, M. Eddrief and G. Faini
J. Appl. Phys. 112(1) (2012) 013915/1-4
Size effects and their consequences in the thermal stability of the magnetization of the micro-sized MnAs/GaAs(100) ribbons were studied by magnetic force microscopy. We found out that the orientation in which size is reduced plays a key role in the magnetic configuration and thermal stability of the micro-sized patterns. On the one hand, when reducing the size in the [0001] α-MnAs direction, the system shows an improvement in the thermal stability of the remanent magnetization. On the other hand, when the size is reduced in the [11-20] α-MnAs direction, the system goes through a magnetic reconfiguration from in-plane magnetized to out-of-plane magnetized, which also improves the thermal stability.
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