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"Raman mapping analysis of pigments from a «Proas Iluminadas» by Quinquela Martín"
E.B. Halac, M. Reinoso, M. Luda and F. Marte
J. Cult. Herit. 13(4) (2012) 469-473
The painting Proas Iluminadas (Illuminated Bows) by Benito Quinquela Martín is studied by Raman spectroscopy in order to analyse the technique and the pigments employed by the artist: ultramarine blue, carbon black, cadmium-sulphure based compounds for the hue of yellow, orange and red; also zinc white, barium yellow, massicot yellow and viridian were observed. The importance of using different excitation laser lines in the analysis of mixtures of pigments is highlighted. The Raman mapping analysis of cross section samples shows the way the artist composed the ground layer: a lead white stratum over a calcite one. It also allows distinguishing between a mixture of components and strata superposition, both presenting the same appearance under an optical microscope. This paper provides information about the materials and techniques used in a period of Argentine art not studied before from this point of view.
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