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"Fast-timing measurements performed at ALTO on 137,139Cs"
B. Roussière, M.A. Cardona, I. Deloncle, D. Hojman, J. Kiener, P. Petkov, D. Tonev, Ts. Venkova and the ALTO collaboration
Proc. of the "XIX International School on Nuclear Physics, Neutron Physics and Applications" (VARNA 2011), Varna, Bulgaria, September 19-25, 2011.
J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 366 (2012) 012038/1-5
Fast-timing measurements were performed on 137,139Cs obtained from the β- decay of 137,139Xe. The neutron-rich Xe nuclei were produced by the 238IJ photofission induced by the 50 MeV electron beam delivered by the ALTO facility. The half-lives of the first excited state in 137Cs and of six excited states in 139Cs were measured for the first time. These T1/2 results give new information on the structure of the 137,13955Cs82,84 nuclei located near the neutron closed shell N = 82. In particular, it is shown that, in both nuclei, the first excited 5/2+ level corresponds mainly to the one-proton state issued from the π2d5/2 orbital. From the comparison with other N = 84 isotones, the most probable spin values for the states located at 289.8, 393.5, and 393.8 keV in 139Cs appear to be 5/2+, 3/2+, and 1/2+.
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