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"β-NaFeO2, a new room-temperature multiferroic material"
M. Viret, D. Rubi, D. Colson, D. Lebeugle, A. Forget, P. Bonville, G. Dhalenne, R. Saint-Martin, G. André and F. Ott
Mater. Res. Bull. 47(9) (2012) 2294-2298
“Multiferroic” materials possessing simultaneously magnetic and ferroelectric orders are scarce and most of them order at low temperatures. So far, bismuth ferrite, BiFeO3, is the only reliable room-temperature multiferroic: it is ferroelectric and antiferromagnetic. The absence of a net magnetisation in this compound is a problem when one wants to use the magneto-electric effect to address magnetic information with an electric field for potential applications in spintronic devices. We show here that β-NaFeO2 is also a multiferroic material at room-temperature but with the most interesting extra property of showing weak ferromagnetism. This makes it a potentially very promising material for applications and a model compound for fundamental studies of the interaction between ferroelectricity and magnetism.
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