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"Atomistic modeling of ternary additions to NiTi and quaternary additions to Ni-Ti-Pd, Ni-Ti-Pt and Ni-Ti-Hf shape memory alloys"
H.O. Mosca, G. Bozzolo and M.F. del Grosso
Proc. of the "Frontiers of Condensed Matter V" (FCM 2010), Buenos Aires, Argentina, December 6-10, 2010. Ed. A.M. Llois and J.Guevara
Physica B Condens. Matter. 407(16) (2012) 3244-3247
The behavior of ternary and quaternary additions to NiTi shape memory alloys is investigated using a quantum approximate method for the energetics. Ternary additions X to NiTi and quaternary additions to Ni.Ti.Pd, Ni.Ti.Pt, and Ni.Ti.Hf alloys, for X=Au, Pt, Ir, Os, Re, W, Ta,Ag, Pd, Rh, Ru, Tc, Mo, Nb, Zr, Zn, Cu, Co, Fe, Mn, V, Sc, Si, Al and Mg are considered. Bulk properties such as lattice parameter, energy of formation, and bulk modulus of the B2 alloys are studied for variations due to the presence of one or two simultaneous additives.
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