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"A polymeric cobalt(II) complex derived from citric acid (H4cit) and 2,6-diaminopurine (dap): {[Co4(cit)2(dap)4(H2O)4]·6.35H2O}n"
Ana María Atria, José Parada, María Teresa Garland and Ricardo Baggio
Acta Cryst. C 69(3) (2013) 212-215
Poly[[tetraaquadi-μ4-citrato-tetrakis(2,6-diaminopurine)tetracobalt(II)] 6.35-hydrate], {[Co4(C6H4O7)2(C5H6N6)4(H2O)4]·6.35H2O}n, presents three different types of CoII cations in the asymmetric unit, two of them lying on symmetry elements (one on an inversion centre and the other on a twofold axis). The main fragment is further composed of one fully deprotonated citrate (cit) tetraanion, two 2,6-diaminopurine (dap) molecules and two aqua ligands. The structure is completed by a mixture of fully occupied and disordered solvent water molecules. The two independent dap ligands are neutral and the cit tetraanion provides for charge balance, compensating the 4+ cationic charge. There are two well defined coordination geometries in the structure. The simplest is mononuclear, with the CoII cation arranged in a regular centrosymmetric octahedral array, coordinated by two aqua ligands, two dap ligands and two O atoms from the β-carboxylate groups of the bridging cit tetraanions. The second, more complex, group is trinuclear, bisected by a twofold axis, with the metal centres coordinated by two cit tetraanions through their α- and β-carboxylate and α-hydroxy groups, and by two dap ligands bridging through one of their pyridine and one of their imidazole N atoms. The resulting coordination geometry around each metal centre is distorted octahedral. Both groups are linked alternately to each other, defining parallel chains along [201], laterally interleaved and well connected via hydrogen bonding to form a strongly coupled three-dimensional network. The compound presents a novel μ4-κ5O:O,O′:O′,O″,O‴:O′′′′ mode of coordination of the cit tetraanion.
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