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"Electrochemical reduction of CO2 over Sn-Nafion® coated electrode for a fuel-cell-like device"
G.K. Surya Prakash, Federico A. Viva and George A. Olah
J. Power. Sources. 223 (2013) 68-73
Commercially available Sn particles mixed with Nafion® ionomer are used to prepare an electrode with a gas diffusion layer support in a manner similar to that in which fuel cell electrodes are prepared. Cyclic voltammetry is performed in aqueous NaHCO3 (basic medium) on the electrode and the Tafel parameters are obtained and compared with a Sn metal disc and with a graphite disc coated with Sn powder. In addition, electrolysis is carried out potentiostatically, also in NaHCO3 solution, at various potentials. The exchange current density on the Sn/gas diffusion layer electrode shows to be two orders of magnitude higher that on the metallic Sn disc. The maximum current density obtained during electrolysis is 27 mA cm-2 at -1.6 V vs. NHE, with 70% faradaic efficiency towards the formation of formate, which is one of the highest values found in the literature on Sn electrode at ambient pressure.
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