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"Antiferromagnetism and ferromagnetism in layered 1TCrSe2 with V and Ti replacements"
Daniele C. Freitas, Matías Núñez, Pierre Strobel, André Sulpice, Ruben Weht, Armando A. Aligia and Manuel Núñez-Regueiro
Phys. Rev. B 87(1) (2013) 014420/1-9
We have studied the effect of substitution of Cr in metastable 1T-CrSe2 by Ti and V on its structural and magnetic properties. The structural transitions observed between 165.180 K in the pure material are stomped by the doping. The pure compound has a magnetization corresponding to an antiferromagnetic (AF) ground state. On Ti substitution, we observe an increase of the lattice constants and a gradual passage towards a ferromagnetic state, while V replacement maintains AF order up to our highest doping, xV = 0.5. With our experimental results and the help of first-principles calculations, we construct the phase diagram of the system.
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