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"Orbital Kondo spectroscopy in a double quantum dot system"
L. Tosi, P. Roura-Bas and A.A. Aligia
Phys. Rev. B 88(23) (2013) 235427/1-5
We calculate the nonequilibrium conductance of a system of two capacitively coupled quantum dots, each one connected to its own pair of conducting leads. The system has been used recently to perform pseudospin spectroscopy by controlling independently the voltages of the four leads. The pseudospin is defined by the orbital occupation of one or the other dot. Starting from the SU(4) symmetric point of spin and pseudospin degeneracy in the Kondo regime, for an odd number of electrons in the system, we show how the conductance through each dot varies as the symmetry is reduced to SU(2) by a pseudo-Zeeman splitting, and as bias voltages are applied to any of the dots. We analyze the expected behavior of the system in general, and predict characteristic fingerprint features of the SU(4) SU(2) crossover that have not been observed so far.
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